Life is a Miracle (euro_antifa) wrote,
Life is a Miracle

The Final Stop - NYT Claims For a Big War

I have a strong feeling that I'm sleeping and it's the time to wake up. Or the US officials have to wake up and do it really fast.
On June 13th, the New York Times had published the article "The Lack of Major Wars May Be Hurting Economic Growth".

Recently, more and more I remind myself "Fahrenheit 451" (R.Bradbury)-it's the copy/paste of our today's reality. And we all remember well how it ended up.

Here is the article:

I think I have read similar ideas about 100 years ago, and then about 70 years ago...
After such an article, any claim for Russian or other aggression is ridiculous. The relevant people have to wake up and do it fast.
Tags: analysis, crisis, politics, russia, ukraine, war

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